This game was made for CoronaDefoldJam in Defold.

This is an endless runner with the following features:

  • dash to break the walls of houses
  • unusual mechanics of collecting items

This is the intro from start screen: 

Here are some facts about the ogres:   

Fact N1. Ogres love honey very much!
Fact N2. Ogres are afraid of bees and flee from them.
Fact N3. Ogre's love for honey is more than any fear (even fear of bees).

You have already enjoyed the honey (and destroyed the hive).
Now try to escape from the angry bees!
(you can not see them, but they are there,
right behind the left side of the screen)

Oh, yes, I almost forgot!  

Fact N4. Ogres like mushrooms too.
But do not overdo it!  It is still fly-agaric.

      Press space to start
      Space for jump and  D for dash

Music is from

Sound effects are from



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